Free time, whenever you want.
Member Course

Why don't you immerse yourself in ceramics in the great outdoors of Zao?

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(Member's work)

Why don't you immerse yourself in ceramics in the great outdoors of Zao?

Thank you for visiting the member course page of Manpugama.

I'm Emiko Toyohara, the second generation in charge of the pottery class.
I have a question for you.

Question 1

It's not enough to just make a shape. Do you want to try cutting, finishing, and coloring by yourself?

Question 2

It takes at least three months of continuous practice at the stage of kneading the clay before making the shape.
Is it possible to go to the studio in Zao?

If you have any doubts about any of the above, I think you will be able to face pottery for a longer period of time with the one-day experience course (hand-building course and electric potter's wheel course).

If you want to try both of them, I highly recommend the Member Course.

If you are new to pottery, please try the one-day trial course first to get a feel for the clay of the Manpugama.

It is not a skill that can be learned immediately.

If you are a long time member, you can come to Zao for 20 years when you want to touch the clay and make pottery silently.

Taste the food and enjoy the drinks in the dishes you made yourself.

"Nothing could be richer."

This is a gathering of people who believe that.

(To date, about 200 students have taken the course. Some of the students have won awards at craft exhibitions.)

(Glazed work)

All art forms are profound.

There are currently about 10 members (in their 30's to 70's) who come to Zao to prepare their own handmade pottery, learn the techniques, and learn more about glazes.

Ceramic art involves the process of firing in a kiln.

You can learn pottery at your own pace, while enjoying the flame and accepting the finished work little by little.


Why don't you take a break from your daily life and immerse yourself in ceramics in the great outdoors of Zao?


Even if you don't get the shape you want right away, the finished product will have warmth, and it's nice to have more handmade vessels in your life.

(Members' Exhibition 1)

(Members' Exhibition 2)

(The work of a member who has been coming for 20 years.)

Member Course

You can make pottery as many times a month as you like, on the days you like!

For guests using nearby villas

We offer a free time pottery workshop where you pay a monthly fee.

It is also possible to use the studio for a short period of time (a few months) during your stay in Zao.

You are welcome to come and visit us.


Now only! Admission fee 7,000 yen → 0 yen

Material Fee
2,000yen(tax included)
  • 1kg clay, firing fee, glaze fee included
Hand Build Course
6,000yen/month(tax included)
  • free time system
Electric potter's wheel course
8,000yen/month(tax included)
  • free time system

new coronavirus
Measures to prevent the spread of infection

To a pottery school where you can experience more peace of mind.

In order to make our workshop as safe as possible, we renovated the hand-washing stations in the atelier and factory with automatic sensor faucets.


We also have a 60cm high washroom for children to use.


Request to Customers

For the safety and security of our customers and employees We ask for your cooperation in the following three measures.

Please wear a mask at all times in the store.
Please wear a mask at all times.

Please disinfect your hands and fingers before entering the store.

Please keep a reasonable distance between customers.

Other measures to prevent the spread of infection

  • Installation of alcohol disinfection
  • Periodic disinfection of store facilities and equipment
  • Ensure social distance
  • Wash hands, gargle, and disinfect thoroughly.
  • Wearing a mask

For the safety and security of our customers and employees, we ask that you please wear masks in the store.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.