forming by hand Pottery Experience

The only one in the world, your own pottery experience!

You can make rice bowls, plates, cups, coffee cups, steak plates, sushi plates, pastry bowls, objects, etc., using a hand-cranked potter's wheel or clay plate.

The shape is up to you! You can make your own original work of art, the only one in the world.

Example: With 1 kg of clay, you can make two cups or rice bowls, or one large bowl or curry dish.

If it is your first time and you are not sure about the shape you want to make, please consult the instructor on the day as there are about 70 samples of works available.

This is an easy way to experience pottery at a time that suits you, whether you are a single person, a group, or a family.

It is ideal for parent-child events at schools, field trips, employee events, and community exchange events!

The fun of choosing the soil and color

You can choose from three types of clay: white, red, or blended.
You can choose any color from 90 kinds of glazes.

◆Seating can be experienced by up to about 40 people at a time.

◆We support suburban learning at various kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools throughout Japan. For groups, you can make one piece of your favorite shape using white clay with 500g of clay.

◆For larger pieces or those who make a lot of pieces, Shigaraki clay can be added in units of 500g (1,500 yen).

◆Using a hand-rolled white wheel, you can create any shape, not just a circle. (e.g., rice bowls, coffee cups, plates, salad bowls, matcha bowls, flower vases, rice bowls, etc.)

◆It is light, and the high base is clean and carefully finished to make a vessel that can be used every day.

◆We accept inbound. English is available.

◆The blended clay is the original clay of Manpukyamama. It is very easy to handle and expresses a rustic color.

◆Weekdays are the best time to visit if you want to spend a relaxing time and heal by touching the soil.

Microwave use○
Dishwasher use○
open fire×

For groups coming to Zao

Seating is available for up to 40 people at a time, and we can accommodate up to 300 people at a nearby facility if the number exceeds 40.

If the group exceeds 40 people, we can use a nearby facility to accommodate up to 300 people. The venue fee is waived for educational trips.

However, as this is an on-site pottery class, an instructor fee will be charged.

Facilities used

Zao Town Togatta Community Center Hall
District Community Center Zao Town Website (

Zao Town Cultural Hall GOZAIN Multi-purpose Hall 
Zao Town Furusato Bunka Kaikan|Facility Information (

Venue Inquiries:Zao Town Hall Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism Division ℡0224-33-2211

*If you are a school group coming to Zao, we will tentatively reserve a venue depending on the number of participants. When the decision is made, please make a reservation directly with the town office from your travel agency.

*If you can't make it to Zao, we can also come to a nearby venue or school to experience pottery making.Exit Class Page⇨ Here


Experience time is "from 90 minutes for all courses."

3,000yen(tax included)
  • 1kg of clay
  • Shigaraki clay
child(Up to high school students)
1,500yen(tax included)
  • 500g clay
  • Shigaraki clay
Parent-Child Actions(organization)
1,500yen(tax included)
  • Adults with a minimum of 15 people at the child rate.
Manpugama Original
Exciting Options☆

Glittering glass (100yen~)

Painting with decorative clay (300yen~)

Transfer stickers with colored patterns (100yen~)

*You can choose your favorite option on the day. This service is also available for groups. Very popular!