Zao's Great Nature and Pottery Experience

Starting Today, You Are a Ceramic Artist

Would you like to make your table warm and handmade, whether it is for daily use or for entertaining?

This is an at-home pottery class that is easy to enjoy and has many repeat customers.

Electric potter's wheel course

Enjoyable and authentic for the first time pottery experience!
Reservation required

Hand-building Course

Learn to make pottery with a hand-held potter's wheel.
This is a pottery course.

Crayon Painting Course

Paint with 10 different colors of underglaze crayons!
Very popular with children!

Monthly Membership Course

You can make potteries as many times as you like, on any day you like in a month.
You can also use a full-fledged anagama kiln to burnish your work.

Private On-site Pottery Class

Maximum of up to 300 people
This pottery class is ideal for events.

One-of-a-kind pottery experience


A memory to last a lifetime. Your own original work.

It becomes a memorial for your child and you can see his/her growth.

When you touch the soil, you will be devoted and all the distractions will be vanished.

Friends, family, parents and children can spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere.

It's also nice to see the tableware in your home gradually change into something you made yourself.

The story of the pottery class

When I became independent in 1987, many customers asked to teach pottery. Hearing their voices, I decided to start a pottery class.

I was not sure if it would be successful as a local pottery class, but I decided to continue as long as there were customers' voices and to teach as long as the children were happy.

Currently, Emiko, the eldest daughter, and Mamiko, the third daughter, are in charge of the pottery classes, and they are expanding the scope of their activities to include kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools, universities, community associations, company recreation, and events at the Aeon Mall in the Tohoku region.

There are two types of courses: a 90-minute course for those who only want to experience pottery making, and a manthly membership course for those who want to enjoy pottery as a hobby more deeply.

at home!

It is an at-home pottery class and we have many repeat customers.

We are very happy to see parents, children, and grandchildren enjoying conversations with each other while touching the clay in the class.