Electric Wheel Course Pottery Experience

I've never done pottery before, but I'm dying to try!

Many people have said that about this course.
Don't worry! Even if you are a beginner, the instructor will guide you carefully.

This is the most popular course at Manpugama.

This is the pottery and electric pottery course that became a hot topic on NHK Scarlet (starring Erika Toda).

I want to try it, but it seems difficult. Don't worry! 60% of our customers are first-timers. After the experience, many of them become repeat customers because they enjoy the feeling of the clay, the speed, and the ability to create their own original work.

The course is popular among celebrities and has been covered by TV and magazines, including the comedian TANPOPO in 2020, East Japan Railway Company in 2021, and Daiwa House Industry Co.

Equipped with 7 electric grinders (reservation required)

Morning session 9:30、10:00、10:30
Afternoon session 13:30、14:00、14:30、15:00

Please make a reservation for your favorite time slot.
Weekends, holidays, and from July to October are busy times, so please make reservations as soon as possible.

If you want to make a reservation for the day, please call the office.

The clay is Manpugama's original blend.

This is a recommended clay that is easy to make even for beginners, and produces a rustic and gentle color.
You can choose from 30 different colors of glaze.

The scraping and finishing is done by craftsmen. It has a proven track record and has been well received for its ease of use and baking.

Completion time: about 3 months. Free of charge for those who pick it up.

*We are planning to renovate the factory in October. As a result, the completion date will be longer than usual. Click here for details⇨Go to Manpugama Blog

If you prefer home delivery, we will send it to you by Yamato Takkyubin (delivery fee not included). The delivery fee varies depending on the area and weight. International shipping is also available.

※It is better to wear clothes that can get dirty with clay, and if possible, have short fingernails. Aprons are available for rent.

Free engraving of the customer's name on the back of the bowl as a memorial is also an original service of Manpugama.

Microwave use○
Dishwasher use○
open fire×


Feel like a potter! You don't need to bring anything, rain or shine!

This is a per person rate.

Experience time is "from 90 minutes for all courses."

Course B(2kg of clay)
8,000yen(tax included)
  • Recommended for those who want to make ramen bowls, curry or pasta dishes (20-25cm).
  • You can make any size and shape you like.
  • You'll be surprised at how nice your creations turn out!
Course C(1.5kg of clay)
6,500yen(tax included)
  • This course is perfect for those who want to improve their skills from the hand-building course, or for company recreation and groups.
  • You can experience authentic pottery making as a memorable experience in Zao.
  • You can make about two rice bowls, a teacup, and a mug.

Large vases and jars, pasta dishes, curry dishes, ramen and udon bowls, mugs, beer glasses, rice bowls, small bowls, etc.

Unlike the hand-building course, this course is characterized by its ability to make thin, even thicknesses.
You are free to make other shapes than the examples. Please feel free to contact us.

Kids Electric Wheel Course

Exciting experience
I feel like a potter!
Thinking for yourself and saying, "I made it! You will feel a sense of accomplishment

Experience pottery making using a full-scale electric potter's wheel.

You can experience pottery making from an early age using a real electric potter's wheel.
This is a great way to get your mind moving, your imagination fired up, and your ability to imagine what you want to put in the bowl you make.

More than 100 children have experienced it.
Instruction is provided by the Toyohara sisters, who are active mothers.

Why don't you try touching the clay at the Zao-yaki Manpugama?

※Please come with clothes that can get dirty. Children's aprons and samue are available for rent.


Kids Electric Wheel Course(For ages 3 to elementary school students)
5,000yen4,850yen(tax included)
  • Experience time 40 minutes
  • 1kg of clay per person. You can make two or three plates, cups, rice bowls, etc. of your choice.
  • This course is perfect for those who want to have their children make a work of art that can only be made at their current age as a memento, or for those who want to give their grandchildren a work of art as a gift, or for those who want to improve from the hand-building course but have never made an electric wheel before and are worried about it. You can make any size and shape you like.
  • You can choose from 30 different colors of glaze. Other colors such as pink, yellow, and light blue are also available as options (+300 yen).

If you want to make a reservation for the day, please call the office.