Zao Yaki Manpugama EST.1988 My pottery experience Begins manpugama Pottery Studio and Gallery With Zao's Great Nature Wood-fired cave kiln for two generations

The dignified and clear air of Zao's great nature
With the blessings of the earth, we make pottery here every day.

Pottery Class and Gallery
Welcome to Manpugama

In the great outdoors of Zao, Miyagi

A traditional "half-above-ground anagama" that fires only with wood and human power

An exhibition gallery of tableware, vases, and other items that show a variety of expressions

At-home "pottery classes" that even first-timers can easily enjoy

Why don't you try touching the earth at the Manpugama?


You too can be a potter today!

Would you like to make a bowl by hand?
The only one in the world. Your own unique pottery experience.

Works created from natural materials

Utsuwa" that enhances flowers, plants, and food.  Bring the color and richness of nature to your space.